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Learn How to Attract Tech Talent


Today’s leading companies are prioritizing recruiting and retaining tech talent to help drive innovation and growth. Regardless of industry, tech professionals are a highly sought-after subset of the workforce. However, building an adequate tech team remains a challenge due to immense competition and the ever-changing nature of technology itself. Organizations must build an aggressive hiring strategy to attract top talent and stay ahead of the curve. In this blog, we’ll explore the factors that influence a tech candidate’s decision-making and effective strategies to appeal to top-tier talent.


A flexible work environment has replaced compensation as the driving factor in job seekers’ decision-making, especially in the tech sector. Now that companies have mostly caught up to one another in terms of compensation, workers are looking for other perks to help decide their next career move.

Flexibility may look different based on an organization’s structure, but it primarily includes a combination of a hybrid work model, alternative work hours, and more autonomy when choosing projects. An Indeed Talent Report states, “hybrid working arrangements requiring at least three days in the office lead to stronger retention.”


According to a Dice Tech Salary Report, salary growth slowed down in 2023, with the major US tech hubs feeling this effect the most. Despite this leveling-out, it’s still important for employers to offer at or above market compensation to remain competitive as some areas of the country such as a Philadelphia, PA, San Antonio, TX, and Orlando, FL saw salary growth.

Due to cost of living challenges, workers are leveraging remote work and relocating to more inexpensive areas. While flexibility may be the most important factor in hiring tech talent, do not trade high compensation for remote work as this has been found to lead to increased turnover. Companies that offer fair compensation that is aligned with skills and experience will remain competitive and attract more qualified talent.

Innovation & Purpose

If your organization cannot rely on flexibility or compensation, your recruitment strategy should focus heavily on your company’s innovation and purpose. Even without a lofty mission statement, a company can appeal to job seekers by communicating how their role will play a significant part in a project or help propel the company forward. Additionally, offering the opportunity for professional growth and tasks that allow employees to hone their skills can be a very attractive offer to job seekers of all levels. In fact, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that 41 percent of employees say they left their jobs due to limited career progression.

Efficient Interviewing

Lastly, an underrated yet highly effective recruitment strategy is simply having an efficient interview and feedback process. Tech talent goes on and off the market so quickly that it’s imperative that your organization have an equally fast interview process. To avoid top tech talent getting picked up by your competitor, develop an interview model that is limited to 1-2 rounds of interviews to access technical skills and personality and a responsive feedback loop between candidates, managers, and HR. Creating a respectful hiring process will help cultivate a strong employer brand for your organization.

Attracting and recruiting highly qualified tech professionals requires a strategic approach. To assess your competitive advantage, source talent, and reduce time to hire, consider leveraging the expertise of a reputable staffing firm. Top Stack specializes in connecting employers with a vast network of tech talent. We prioritize building long-term relationships with our candidates, so we can connect you with active job seekers and passive candidates who are waiting for the perfect job to find them.

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