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Learn How to Attract Finance & Accounting Talent


Attracting and recruiting highly qualified finance and accounting professionals is crucial for an organization to grow and thrive in today’s fast-changing economic environment. Strong candidates within this sector can get upwards of thirty recruitment messages a week, so it’s critical that your company can stand out from your competition. Let’s explore what factors influence a candidate’s decision-making process and effective strategies to appeal to top-tier talent.

Compensation, Perks & Benefits

If your company hasn’t reviewed its compensation packages lately, you may be losing in-demand talent to your competition. Offering top applicants an above-market salary and adding 5 percent to 15 percent for graduate degrees and professional certifications will help you attract and retain quality hires which saves you money in the long run. Performance bonuses are also common in these positions.

Competitive compensation is crucial, but additional perks and benefits can set your organization apart. As a standard, your company will want to offer medical insurance and a retirement plan. Consider other perks such as flexible work arrangements, and generous vacation policies, tuition reimbursement or continued learning stipends, gym and wellness memberships, employee discounts, and employer-sponsored charitable gift-giving.

Keep in mind that if you’re recruiting talent out of public industry, these individuals often earn high base salaries early in their careers, as well as earn annual bonuses. Attracting these candidates may require a different strategy.

Work-Life Balance

Creating a culture that embodies a healthy balance between personal and professional lives will always be attractive, especially to younger generations who are often seeking a more well-rounded lifestyle. Cultivating a work-life balance can be done by offering a combination of a hybrid work schedule, flexible work hours, and floating holidays.

For the finance and accounting sector, an increased work-life balance is most often sought after by those leaving public accounting for industry accounting. Public accounting is known for being a higher-stress environment with limited flexibility. By contrast, private industry is typically considered to have a lower-stress environment with flexible working conditions, especially compared to the high travel requirements that often comes with public accounting jobs. If you’re seeking candidates with a public accounting background, consider highlighting your company’s work-life balance and flexibility to attract high-quality talent.

Opportunities for Growth and Advancement

Highly qualified finance and accounting professionals are known to be ambitious and often seek opportunities for continuous growth in their careers. To attract these types of candidates, organizations need to emphasize professional development programs, mentorship initiatives, and defined career paths.

To appeal to growth-oriented individuals, communicate how the role contributes to the organization at large and how they can make a meaningful impact on the company’s success. Highlighting success stories of employees who have advanced within the company can be a powerful recruitment tool.

Technology and Innovation

Demonstrating a commitment to innovation by investing in cutting-edge financial technologies and providing training opportunities for employees can attract finance and accounting professionals looking to work with the latest tools and methodologies.

Fintech has given rise to many new roles that are now in high demand. These professionals thrive in environments that encourage experimentation, collaboration, and quick decision-making. Employers looking to invest in these emerging roles should emphasize that their culture values creativity and adaptability. A willingness to embrace change is an attractive factor to young talent who are looking for professional opportunities to use their skills for progress.

Attracting and recruiting highly qualified finance and accounting professionals requires a strategic approach. To assess your competitive advantage, source talent, and reduce time to hire, consider leveraging the expertise of a reputable staffing firm. Top Stack specializes in connecting employers with a vast network of pre-qualified finance and accounting talent. We prioritize building long-term relationships with our candidates, so we can connect you with not only active job seekers but also passive candidates who are waiting for the perfect job to find them.

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